The modus mix

Release Date: 2003/11/06

The Modus Mix directed by Bill Ballard. Presented by SG Magazine and Reef. From the makers of Blue Crush, Peaches and Poetic Silence...the long awaited female surf film, THE MODUS MIX. Modus is latin for mode of expressing and the entire soundtrack is a unique Mix of music. This film is a breakthrough in womens surf movies, with each girl showcasing their talents in their own sections. Sit back, watch, and experience the best in todays womens surfing. DVD Bonus footage includes... Australia road trip - Tahiti behind the scenes - Karina Petroni - Pipeline expression session - Europe by night - Hawaii lifestyle. With: Rochelle Ballard, Keala Kennelly, Megan Abubo, Layne Beachly, Serena Brooke, and a few others.


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