Crusty demons chaotic chronicles

Release Date: 2005/12/15

For over a decade, Fleshwound Films has taken their dirtbikes around the world in search of unique locations and ultimately experienced the most ridiculous adventures. We wrecked hundreds of vehicles, rented volcanoes at half price, shattered dozens of cameras, paid $16 in bribes, documented our friends, we made the impossible, possible. This incredible journey has taken the Crusty Crew to exotic locations in nineteen countries including: The Ruins of Machu Picchu, packed arenas in Australia, the mysterious Easter Island, wild deserts in Africa…No matter where we go, nothing is ever left the same. Things happened. People got hurt. This is our story. The film will include never before seen footage wrapped with comedic interviews including all the O.G. characters that were featured in Crusty 1 through 10. We have hand picked our favorite parts from all the movies intertwined with new footage we’ve been gathering all year long including six world records of long distance jumping. Revisiting our favorite riding spots and bringing to you a film that can only be described as National Geographic meets mayhem. This special Party Edition is our 11th release of the Crusty series and is sure to be a collectors classic. Film Locations: The entire world!! Riders featured, (anybody that’s somebody): Seth Enslow, Travis Pastrana, Jeremy McGrath, Mike Metzger, Brian Deegan, Twitch, Ronnie Faisst, Jeff Emig, Mike Jones, Nate Adams, Carey Hart, Micky Dymond, Bubba, Joel Albrecht, Ryan Hughes, Larry Linkogle, Brian Manley, Ryan Capes, Trigger Gumm, Kenny Bartram, Dan Pastor, Mike Cinqmars, Rusty, Tommy Clowers, Robby Gordon, Paul Fernandez and a multitude of Crusty Babes.


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