Wski 106

Release Date: 2004/08/22

Tanner Hall and Eric Iberg team up to bring you skiing\\\'s most entertaining film to date, WSKI106. With Poor Boyz Productions, the leader in freestyle ski films, the best skiers of today and tomorrow, and one talented editor, the two have created a new recipe for ski films. WSKI106, shot in 16mm, brings you into the nine athletes ultra ego through a radio show. Athletes include Tanner Hall, CR Johnson,, Eric Pollard, Dash Longe, Rory Silva, Kye Petersen, Sean Pettit, Mickael Deschenaux and Shoya Okasaki. With as many powerful ski shots as the rest of the big name film companies, this video separates itself from the pack by including more shots of an actual movie style with characters (ultra egos) and ideas. WSKI106 has over 2 hours of bonus segments, commercials, short films, team videos of sponsors, interviews, etc. LENGTH: 40 minutesÂ….3 hours of DVD extras.


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