Skills #2

Release Date: 2006/08/15

Do you get arm pump after one lap? Would you rather pass than be passed? Do you brag to your girlfriend about your riding ability but never let her see you ride? Have you spent more on replacement levers than your monthly mortgage? If you have answered, YES to one or all of these questions than SKILLS 2 is your answer. SKILLS 2, hosted by Honda Factory rider Andrew Short, will break down and dissect the techniques that will allow you to become a better more efficient rider. Building on the original SKILLS, Andrew will share his personal secrets and further explain the techniques Ryan Hughes illustrated in the original SKILLS DVD. Whether you have been riding for two weeks or racing for ten years youll go to the track with more confidence than ever before. Topics: Jumps, Turning, Whoops, Starts, Race Techniques, and Tech Tips. Unless you are RC, Bubba, Tedesco, or JSR, you need this DVD.


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