Release Date: 2006/06/10

This is the first ever Nordic independent skateboard video, by the Norwegians Geir Allan Hove and Øyvind Aspen. They have worked for 2 years to put together this video that will feature the great talents of the 8 best skaters from the region. Some names are famous and some are less. That will probably just last until the video is finished, cause when you see these guys skateboarding skill, they will blow to the top. You should look forward to Jani Laitila (former the Firm), Janne Saario (Europs answer to Daewon Song), Love Eneroth (Europes Kenny Anderson), Henning Braaten (Santa Cruz pro), Mika Edin (probaply Europes biggest talet these days), Stefan Jacobsen (the rail and gap machine), Kristian Bomholt (tech big skills) and Anders Jørgensen (finesse and flow).


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