Photo play

Release Date: 2006/10/16

PHOTO PLAY is the 2nd DVD release from Theory-3 Media and Poorboyz Productions. Come experience the Northwest of North America through the eyes of the Theory-3 athletes. Watch them tackle the streets of majors cities, the pursuit of all switch take offs and landings off numerous backcountry jumps. Come be a part of the deep snow, the loads of pillows and cliffs and the fast paced lines that make up the North West. Follow these athletes through their entire season, from start to finish, from crash to burn and from October until May! PHOTO PLAY features a fine mix of Rock, Hip Hop, and the smooth mix of many other genres. Make sure you are a part of PHOTO PLAY! Starring James Heim, Wiley Miller, Justin Dorey, Mike Hornbeck, Erich Kunz, Charley Ager, Brandon Kelly, Riley Leboe, Mike Henituk, Joe Schuster, Billy Poole, Chris Rubens, Josh Stack, Charles Grant, TJ Schiller, Banks Gilberti, Ryan Johanessen, and Zach Davison.


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