Trial by air

Release Date: 2006/11/14

With over 500 inches of snow pounding the Teton Range of Jackson Hole in 2006, the Storm Show crew has pulled out all the stops and delivered their sixth award-winning film (Cold Smoke Awards, April 2006). Hold tight to your seats in the comfort of your own living room as Jacksons premiere skiers & riders take to the skies and leave troughs in their wake of chest deep powder. Tired of the same old helicopter angles? Check out Storm Shows approach to sky-high footage: Tandem paragliding over skiers & riders as they drop the gnarliest of lines; now that’s environmentally friendly aerial footage. And the big daddy of them all: Matt Combs’ soon-to-be world famous shot of a 300 foot ski-basejump high in the Tetons. Watch as he out runs an avalanche and throws his chute moments before the white dragon is to overcome him.


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