Cold world

Release Date: 2007/10/03

Tech Nine and Finger on Da Trigger hit hard once again with a solid crew and big beats. Producers of such classics as Represent, General Population, Living Proof, One Love, Moment of Truth and State of Mind , the new films music will be mixed by all time favorite Marc Frank Montoya aka MFM and included as a separate CD. The sound track will be hand picked by the riders in the movie then mixed by MFM in a Mix Tape type platform. The riders will be showcasing new street moves along with fresh backcountry action. E Stone and Cole Taylor have again captured the heart and spirit of the sport and many of the young talent will be next years stars. Riders: Aaron Biittner, Chris Bradshaw, Dave Munoa, Eric Messier, J.P. Tomich, Jake Devine, Justin Bennee, Lil Steez, Mark Deadlung Edlung , Yan Doffin and Max Legend.


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