Still bastards with lil bastards

Release Date: 2007/10/03

Almost a decade since the release of Lil Bastards Wildcats and IS Design have teamed up to release Still Bastards the sequel to the video that kick started the Wildcat legacy. If thats not enough to get you excited Still Bastards will also include the cult classic Lil Bastards available on DVD for the first time ever.. You can believe this highly anticipated sequel will be crammed packed full of late night antics including but not limited to: extreme radness, excessive drinking, the damaging of public property, insults directed towards innocent people, horribly good dancing, the invasion of personal space, smart ass remarks, terrible rapping, drunken mumbling, beautiful women (hopefully) and an overall talent for poor decision making. All this action will of course be peppered with hotshot stunts performed by a world-class cast of snowboard mega stars and the up and comers eager to carry the torch. In keeping with the cult classic Lil Bastards, well be exposing viewers to up close and personal rider video parts as well as giving them an all access pass to exclusive behind the scenes footage contributed by the riders themselves. Expect cameos from Tom Green and Dave England..


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