Seven sunny days

Release Date: 2007/10/04

SEVEN SUNNY DAYS: Short stories from a long winter. A new high-definition ski film by Matchstick Productions. Seven Sunny Days: short stories from a long winter is a first-hand account of endless days and nights of staggering snowfall and the ensuing action when the skies finally cleared. Matchstick Productions is proud to bring you the best stories of 2007 in this epic new ski film, following the most talented skiers in the world as they search for deep snow, big kickers, and the experience of a lifetime. This latest film from the producers of last years Movie of the Year features the most incredible roster of skiers ever assembled performing in the worlds best locations. Starring: Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson, Jon Olsson, TJ Schiller, Mark Abma, Hugo Harrisson, Shane McConkey, Ingrid Backstrom, Sarah Burke, Eric Hjorleifson, Mike Wilson, Rory Bushfield, Chris Rubens, Colby West, CR Johnson, James Heim, and Mike Douglas.


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