Turnin and burnin

Release Date: 2007/10/06

Turnin & Burnin Their fast, their fun loving, their fearless, their nuts. By day their the zaniest turnerers & burnerers out there! By night they really take chances. The snowboard video dvd that defies the forces of gravity, sanity, and good taste. Experience all the flipping, turning, burning, jumping, sliding, gliding, speeding action you can take… and thats just in the hot tub! Gasp at stunts only a team of world class madmen would dare to attempt! Its the fastest, hottest, feet in the air snowboard movie of the long cold winter! So grab your board and kiss your buns goodbye! Its Turnin & Burnin- the only movie thats proud to go downhill fast! The Turners & Burners are Madison Ellsworth, Alex Sherman, Curt Sorensen, Aiden Payson, Chad Otterstrom, JJ Johnson, Pat Milbery, Ryan Thompson, Brandon Ray, Kevin Gerkin, Steve Fisher, Ben Manhammer, Austin Julik-Heine, James Frederick.


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