Tgo 2007: the formula special edition

Release Date: 2008/06/11

12 Tracks. 12 Nationals. 24 Motos. The 2007 AMA National Championship Motocross Series had it all – and as always, there was more. Much more. While The Formula captured the high-def action, tension and true grit of the 2007 tour de france, the film’s producers were forced to leave a tremendous amount of awesome footage from the sensational season on the sidelines. Thus, as they have in years past, the creators of The Formula present to you… The Formula: Special Edition. A long, hot summer of intense competition saw Ben Townley and Ryan Villopoto battle hammer and tongue throughout the entire 24-moto AMA Motocross Lites National Championship. A whole crew of world-class riders turned the 450F-based Motocross National Championship into a knuckle-throwing, club swinging brawl. Watch as Langston catches fire as the series hits the tree-quarter mark at Washougal and how he closes in on the leaders like a freight train. The Formula: Special Edition is purpose-built for the hardest of the hardcore motocross fan, the one who just cant get enough of this amazing, yet grueling, sport. The special edition includes epic footage of the great Ricky Carmichaels swan song season. Watch the GOAT as he battles James Stewart – the heir to his throne – in amazing detail. As with all preceding editions, the producers of The Formula firmly believe youll have every bit as much fun watching The Formula: Special Edition as they did in making it. So much so, theyre convinced once you’re done watching all the action, youll head straight for your garage, load up your bike, and head to your favorite riding spot.


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