No correct way

Release Date: 2008/11/13

There is No Correct Way to have fun. There is No Correct Way to progress. There is No Correct Way to express style. There is No Correct Way to travel. There is No Correct Way to shred snowboards. With a season of filming wrapped and the long nights of editing kicked off, the Rome SDS and Kids on Shred Productions are pleased to announce the release of their second full-length team video entitled, you guessed it, No Correct Way. The Rome SDS promises once again to provide a visual assault to the brain of snowboarding, any type, anytime, anywhere, and bring it to you with their unique outlook of fun and friends. The film will take you into the travels, lives and good times of the Rome team from Romania to Western BC to their Magic Bus as it rolls through the country. All of it centered around what each rider personally defines as fun. With shred action from Bjorn Leines, Marie-France Roy, Marius Otterstad, LNP, Jesse Fox, Eiki Helgason, Max Legend, Yan Dofin, Will Lavigne, John Foy, Casey Neefus, Greg Bokenkamp, and the rest of the Am Army.


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