Paint the town red

Release Date: 2008/09/30

After two years of travelling, filming, experimenting, and snowboarding; Stub Films and Kontakt Filmproduction, along with Mustache Media, are releasing Paint the Town Red. Paint the Town Red is a Canadian based snowboard film with an awesome line up of riders including Alex Beebe, Jamie Corneal, Tyler Ashbee, Cory Gallon, Shane Dennis, Will Johnson, Trevor Jennings, Kyle Taylor, Kevin Scriver, Dan House, Lucas Ouellette, Chelsey Armstrong and Janelle Leclair. This movie is sure to spread the stoke to its viewers with its street and urban shredding, backcountry riding and original soundtrack, coupled with Stub Films and Kontakt Filmproductions stylish short film intros. This is the breed of snowboard film that will hold down a permanent position in your DVD player.


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