Knock on wood

Release Date: 2008/09/14

First Tracks Productions presents Knock on Wood, featuring todays and tomorrows top snowboarders tempting fate in the backcountry and streets of North America, Europe and Japan. Shot in brilliant HD by filmers who ride, Knock on Wood will remind you why you love to snowboard. Riders: Antti Autti , Cody Lewis, Alexis Roland, Ryan Johannesen, Mike Abeliuk, Fredrik Evensen, Chase Harriman, Ben Wynn, Jordan Nield, Jukka Eratuli, Todd Williamson, Chris Bartkowski, Drew Brighton, Randy Marino, Dave King and more. Sponsors: Playboard Magazine, Burton Snowboards, Head Snowboards, Palmer Snowboards, Sentury Snowboards,, Avid, GenArts, Nos energy drink, and Toyota.


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