2 stroke cold smoke #12

Release Date: 2009/10/10

2 STROKE COLD SMOKE 12 takes the viewer on another epic snowmobiling adventure around the WORLD. Thru the mountains of Canadas West, Alaskas North, Washingtons deep and to far away places in the foreign countries of Sweden and Andorra the small country next to Spain. This series is the 12th year in the making. It just keeps getting better and better because of the machines and riders! This film has amazing professional snowmobilers such as Ross Mercer, Geoff Kyle, Rob Alford, Randy Sherman, Dan Phillips, Dan Treadway, Paul Thacker and many more top industry riders. Along with High Definition Cameras this combo of athletes and professional camera gear creates an action packed movie as if the viewer was in the mountains experiencing the riding. From gigantic rock cliff free falls to submersible deep powder tactics these professionals eat sleep and breath Big Mountain Freeriding! Double backflip attempts, Thackers World Record Distance jump, Crazy hillclimbs, whips, freestyle and boondocking all take place in this film. What goes up must come down! Awesome crash segment too! This high action DVD gives the viewer over 60 minutes of content. Fun for the whole family, especially anyone young at heart!


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