Time is now

Release Date: 2009/10/07

The BF kids are still alive, and theyre coming back to show what they can do once and for all. Everyone got stronger, more precise and more dangerous. Life doesnt always give second chances and its no different to theses kids. Their reaction time to the different situations they put themselves in must be fast, and their reactions must be wise. Being open-minded to everything around them and focusing on their objectives is how they accomplish their everyday missions. Just like that old saying says: Carpe Diem. Which means seize the day and place no trust in tomorrow. We only have one life to live and we must live it fully, on a daily basis. So with these words of wisdom being said, sit back and enjoy your time spent watching Time is NOW. Riders: Greg Desjardins, Phil Jacques, P-O Houde, Frank April, Kael Hill, Nash Lajeunesse, Antonin Chamberland, Jeremy Cloutier, Jason Dubois, Jordan Bell, Nic Molotov, Nic Bertrand, and Max Legend.


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