Crusty demons night of world records #2

Release Date: 2009/09/15

The most spectacular and death-defying jump-off in extreme sports history. Three modern day daredevils, head-to-head, all smashing through the impossible 300 ft. barrier. Only one will claim the world distance record MARCH 29 TH - 2009. LONGEST RAMP TO RAMP JUMP : ROBBIE MADISSON 351 FEET. LONGEST RAMP TO RAMP BACKFLIP ON A MOTORCYCLE : CAMERON SINCLAIR 129 FEET 7 INCHES. LONGEST MINI BIKE RAMP JUMP : BRENT BRADY 104 FEET 7 INCHES. LONGEST QUAD BIKE RAMP TO RAMP ; JON GUETTER 176 FEET 11 INCHES. LONGEST RAMP TO RAMP BACK FLIP ON A MINI BIKE : BEN FIEZ 66 FEET 4 INCHES.


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