Spectacular adventures

Release Date: 2009/11/12

Spectacular Adventures! is the video tale of a tight group of athletes who arent scared to show the fun side of surfing. Were not trying to save the world or tell a story, just to create a fresh and honest look at what surfing means to this group of friends - but it doesnt hurt that they get to tramp around places like the Galapagos, Caribbean, Panama, and more while theyre at it! Featuring: Ben Bourgeois, Asher Nolan, Cory Lopez, Gabe Kling, Alek Parker, Zander Morton, Brian Toth, Dylan Graves, Shea Lopez, Peter Mendia, Brendan Buckley, Michael Dunphy, Sam Hammer, Mike Gleason, Alejandro Moreda, Gorkin, and CJ Hobgood. Shot on the East Coast, Galapagos Islands, Panama, Caribbean, West Indies, East Coast, Central America, and further!


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