Sixes and sevens

Release Date: 2009/10/07

Who are these mischievous fools? NuuLife Cinemas first release, Sixes and Sevens, showcases the riding of Canadas most ferocious up and comers. Some familiar faces, as well as some new ones, bring you riding from all over Canada and beyond. Beware of watching this one on Halloween though, it might give your grandmother a heart attack. Oozing with over 2 hours of bonus features, weve pulled out all the stops for this limited edition, interactive dvd. Plug it into your computer, and upload the whole lot onto you ipod, or whatever new-fangled media device the kids are rocking these days. All of our web videos, interviews, graphics, and even The Peachhat Movie are included. Featuring the hair raising lunacy of Adam Chuntz, Adam Haubrich, Alex Beebe, Andrew Skelhorn, Andrew Burns, Brody Pigeau, Connor Copithorn, Craig McMorris, Dan Zimmerman, David Craig, David Hull, Jake Fine, Jessica Kimura, John Swystun, Katie Hall-Leah, Kurtis Rothecker, Kyle Herperger, Logan Haubrich, Lucas Ouellette, Mark McMorris, Neil Young (ya, you heard me) and Trevor Schy. Check our Sixes and Sevens, you just might enjoy it more than a game of Russian roulette!


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