Right brain left brain

Release Date: 2010/08/31

This season Think Thank heads back in to the human mind with Right Brain Left Brain (a Think Thank Double Feature). Bringing together snowboardings most powerful and talented creative juggernauts Right Brain Left Brain is recreating what it means to be a freestyle snowboarder and how a snowboarder uses their brain to open new amazing possibilities. Some riders are right brain driven; hectic unorganized messes not bothering with details. Others are left brain riders; meticulous, methodical, taking sure steps towards creative progression with linear thought. Watch as these two groups use their differing techniques to achieve astounding feats of freestyle progression. Filmed wherever the brain could take us, from Wasilla to Westfield, the whole world a cavalcade of data left open to interpretation. Left or right Think Thanks brains were working over time leaving no cone unturned and only one question unanswered, What side of the brain are you? join us this fall and find out in Right Brain Left Brain. Riders : Scott Stevens, Sean Genovese, Tim Eddy, Gus Engle, Jesse Burtner, Jason Robinson, Nick Visconti, Chris Larson, Jess Kimura, Pat Milbery, Chris Beresford, Austin Hironaka, Chris Brewster, Blair Habenicht, Matt Edgers, Austen Granger, Sam Hulbert, Ben Bogart, Andre Spinelli, Jess Kimura, Jason Robinson, Austen Granger and Chris Brewster


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