Next level

Release Date: 2010/11/29

Snowboarding is fun, plain and simple. However if you dig a little deeper youll find that at the very root of that enjoyment lies progression. Following last years feature Time is Now why not a title describing what comes after Now? So Next Level was born. Its important to clarify that this is not a claim in any shape or form it is simply the next step among many for Brothers Factory in an attempt to steer clear of the Standard. Its a call for the continued evolution of snowboarding, its dangerous, its progression... its NEXT LEVEL. Rider: Max Baillargeon. frank April, Jeremy cloutier, Anto Chamberland, Yan dofin, nic brunet, kael hill, jason dubois, louis paradis, ben bilocq, phil jacques, greg desjardins, mic lemieux, alex cantin and yale cousino.


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