Mini warriors 5: generations

Release Date: 2010/11/07

A decade ago you witnessed the rise of the Mini Warriors. You watched the Mini Warriors become heroes and legends. Now- ten years later- a NEW decade is dawning on the next generation of Mini Warriors. See the action and lifestyle of the Mini Warriors at the Amateur Motocross Nationals. Watch as they get big air in freestyle, explore the thrill of trail riding, get loose at the track and drag their knees across the pavement. Get up close and personal with these young riders and witness the passion, sacrifice and joy they have for riding and experience the great community of motorsports. Explore the different disciplines of moto with Mini Warriors joining greats like Malcolm Smith, Ronnie Renner, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Aaron Colton, and Ryan Hughes. This film encompasses all the generations of motosports riders in an action packed saga of passion and daring. Featuring: Adam Cianciarulo, Matt Bisceglia, Amanda Maheu, Cooper Webb, Jesse Nelson, Justin Bogle, Stilez Robertson, Gage Linville, XChris Meyer and tons more.


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