Red bull x fighters 2010

Release Date: 2011/02/01

After such a spectacular conclusion to 2009, the organisers of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour wanted to push the event into the next dimension in 2010 with a brand-new concept -- and that is exactly what they have done! The Red Bull X-Fighters are set to debt in three new cities across the globe, with a brand new rider selection format replacing the traditional invitational system used up until now. The top six riders from last years World Tour -- Nate Adams, Robbie Maddison, Eigo Sato, Mat Rebeaud, Dany Torres, Levi Sherwood -- are qualified for the season opener. A further six riders, selected by the international Red Bull X-Fighter Jury after an application process, will battle it out for the remaining four spots in Mexico City, with two wildcards completing the starting field.


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