Mind of the demon : the larry linkogle story

Release Date: 2011/12/10

Mind of the Demon, the Larry Linkogle Story is a dark analytical look into the psyche of one of the most talented, brilliant and aggressively self-destructive athletes of our generation as he embarks on the challenge of his life. In the freestyle motocross world you either love Larry Linkogle or you want him dead; but there is no denying his legacy, innovations, and the dent that Larry kicked into the entire extreme sports industry. By the late 90s Larry was one of the most sought after names in the FMX world. He landed a stuntman job on one of Hollywoods biggest action movies. He was paid to travel the world for video and magazine shoots. He beat the world distance record once held by Evel Knievel. But for Larry who built his career on rebellion, his success became his own worst enemy. Bad blood tainted his business deals, injuries and unresolved issues made Larry begin to despise himself and the industry he created. Now Linkogle is a man battling his demons as he struggles to maintain structure, sobriety and self control. Loaded with colorful characters, incredible archival footage and interviews with all of the industries top names. As past and present story lines creatively intertwine and drive the film forward it becomes obvious that this movies conclusion has only two possibilities: a nose dive straight into a black hole or one of the best comeback stories of all time.


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