Release Date: 2012/05/03

A must see motorcycle film. Dan Aspell, MOTORCYCLE NEWS. CHARGE grabs your attention and keeps it for its entire 90min run time. Evan Orenston COOLHUNTING.COM Three years ago, the first electric motorcycle grand prix on the Isle of Man was dismissed as a joke. Thats all changed. This year, Honda is joining the party, bringing an electric bike to the TT which will be ridden by the most hardcore motorcycle racer of them all – multiple TT winner John McGuinness. Theres a revolution going on, and CHARGE is the story of that revolution. Written and directed by Mark Neale (FASTEST, FASTER), CHARGE captures all the drama, danger and controversy of the worlds first zero-emissions grand prix. The movie follows several teams to the first race on the Isle of Man in 2009, and on their return in 2010. For the visionaries, its history. For the petrol-heads, its blasphemy. Whats racing without the sound and fury of internal combustion engines? Answer: the competition is intense, the jumps in performance and technology astonishing, and the racing – this being the Isle of Man TT – extremely dangerous. CHARGE is about the future. Its about change. But most of all, its about the dream of winning a race on the worlds oldest, most famous track, aboard the worlds fastest, most futuristic electric racing machines. CHARGE. Zero emissions. Maximum speed. BEST DOCUMENTARY 2011 Vegas Independent Film Festival!


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