The education of style

Release Date: 2012/08/28

The Education of Style will define what individual style is within the sport of freestyle skiing through the eyes of Tanner Hall, Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut. These three Athletes will bring you through all elements of skiing to define each one of their unique styles on skis. From the backcountry lines, powder, and jumps of the Sierras in California, special terrain park features at the resorts of Mammoth Mountain and Boreal Resort, urban of Reno, and exploration of jibbing through what the mountains have to offer. The film will be in a music mixtape style format. It will be hosted by, a DJ from the hip-hop world or from the reggae/dancehall world which is still to be determined. The DJ will be the reoccurring theme throughout the film as well as the bridge between segments. The film will open with the DJ introducing the riders and the artists within the film mixed with lifestyle and action shots properly representing each skiers individual style and theme for the film. Each skier will choose an artist in which they would like to represent their style in the film. Phil will have RZA, Henrik Harlaut with NAS, and Tanner Hall with Mobb Deep. Each athlete will have 4-6 songs of the artist they select mixed by the DJ of the film. With each skiers segment we would like to have them introduced with a skit from each artist and depending on time and/or budget to have that artist reappear throughout each athletes segment in skits or performance. The films closing segment will be the final session for the year where all three skiers are present to ski the same features with their own style. There is a potential closing shoot at Boreal Resort or Mammoth Mountain. In addition there is potential to create a music video vibe with an original song produced for the segment with one of the artists from the film. As well as have the artist come out to the shoot to make a music video as well for extra promotion of the film.


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