Isde 2012 germany

Release Date: 2013/04/22

The finest dirt bike riders headed to Germany for the 87th FIM International Six Days Enduro, set to take on the challenge of a series of demanding routes around the famous Sachsenring circuit. This official review brings you the vital highlights of three thrilling contests at the 2012 Olympics of Motorcycling captured in the best action footage, interviews, and special features. We begin with the Womens Trophy as the French team batter the Germans and Australians for victory in the opening competition of the 2012 ISDE. Our coverage continues with the Junior Trophy, reliving the nail-biting battle between France and Great Britain, and the World Trophy where Australia and Italy battle to the end to try and stop the dominant French team. Watching Frances World Trophy team of Antoine Meo, Rodrig Thain, Johnny Aubert, Pierre-Alexandre Renet, Sebastien Guillaume, and the amazing Christophe Nambotin in action is thrilling as is the performance of the British Junior Trophy team of Jack Rowland, Steve Holcombe, Alex Rockwell, and Danny McCanney, which pushed the French to the end. The official review also includes a fascinating Video Diary of the USA team throughout the 2012 ISDE, giving unpresedented access to the team and riders as the contest unfolds. Running time is 120 minutes.


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