Krazy canadian adventures #7

Release Date: 2013/09/08

Are you ready? Are you sure? The seventh of the Krazy Canadian Adventure series goes beyond anything that has come before! The Krazy Crew really stepped it up again for the 2013 riding season! Dozens of first ascents, massive failures, huge jumps, re-entries, whips and flips. Never have the Krazy Canadians - Dan Davidoff, Chris Hodicoff, Kevin Tandy and the Krazy Saskatchewanians, Nathan and Chad Grezuik, been able to perform at this level before. Never has the snow pack and weather co-operated as much either! Featuring chutes called Wild Thing, Triple Failure, Krazy Stupid, Brass Balls, and Ultimate Wild Thing just to name a few. Krazy Crew riders include: Davidoff, Hoodicoff, Tandy, the Grezuiks, Jake Barker, Cam Hollywood Hicks, Super Dave Knight, Kris Smasher Kaltembasher and The Naz.


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