Release Date: 2014/11/26

Poor Boyz Productions was born with the ambition to be True to the Movement of New School skiing. With a camera in hand and ski boots on our feet, The Poor Boyz crew has done just that for the last 20 years. From our early days of the resurgence of New School, the first rail ever shown in a movie, the New Canadian Air Force gaining respect in a snowboard park, the revolution of style, discovering the undoable, and bringing creativity to Alaska. Our crew and the family of skiers involved in Poor Boyz has undoubtedly kept the pulse of our core sport beating. This Year TWENTY brings you the best of the best, from todays top athletes as well as unseen relics from the vault that will blow your mind once again. Featuring: Tanner Hall, Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, Sammy Carlson, Dane Tudor, JP Auclair, Julien Regnier, Vincent Gagnier, Matt Walker, Lexi Dupont, Max Morello, Karl Fostvedt, KC Deane and the best of twenty years. Blue Ray only. Includes a full length copy of the movie that started it for Poorboyz : 1242 BLU RAY + DVD COMBO SET


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