2014 isle of man tt

Release Date: 2014/09/10

The official review of the 2014 Isle of Man has so much non-stop action crammed into four hours that its been hard for the editors to know what to leave out. Watch Michael Dunlop winning 4 races, the first 132 mph lap from Bruce Almighty Anstey, the popular wins for Gary Johnson and Dean Harrison - TT superstars in the making, but also the staggering performance from newcomer Peter Hickman including a 129 mph lap on a Superstock bike, the triumphant return of BMW, 75 years after the last factory-supported win, the 17th win for Dave Molyneux in Sidecars and first for Conrad Harrison, as well as John McGuinness smashing TT Zero record with 117mph lap on an electric bike. Its all here, and loads more besides so dont miss the most comprehensive TT Review yet!


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