Fear not

Release Date: 2015/10/05

Fear. You either shrink from it or embrace it. Fear is a state that motocrossers have to touch on a weekly or daily basis. How do they deal with it? How do they manage it? What drives a human being towards inexplicable risk, the limits of physical and mental endurance? Past films have looked at the soul and spirit of racing and riding but Fear Not – the very first feature-length production by award-winning videographer Mikey Neale – gets inside the heads of some of the biggest names on the international scene. Insight sits next to inspiration as Neale and his colleagues employ their full range of skills and gadgetry to present these athletes and their capabilities in an utterly engrossing series of majestic clips and montages. Jeremy McGrath, Ryan Villopoto, Dean Wilson, Antonio Cairoli, Jeremy Twitch Stenberg, Tommy Searle, Gautier Paulin, Joel Roelants, Ryan Hughes, Josh Hill, Justin Hills, Josh Grant, Scott Champion, Austin Forkner, Arnaud Tonue, Joel Smets, and many more! See these riders at events like the Monster Energy Cup, and the Motocross of Nations; sit next to imagery from free-riding haven Beaumont for this exhilarating skin dip under motocross.


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